How Battery Metals Can Power Energy Independence in America

This post is by Govind Bhutada from Visual Capitalist

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How Battery Metals Can Power Energy Independence in America

The U.S. has been historically dependent on foreign sources of energy to meet the needs of domestic consumption. 

However, as the country transitions to clean energy and electrified transport, the raw materials behind green technologies offer an opportunity to build an energy-independent future. As clean energy technologies grow, the U.S. can reshore energy production for the future by investing in domestic mineral supply chains, from mine to battery.

This infographic from our sponsor Surge Battery Metals highlights the state of America’s energy transition and explains how battery metals can help in enabling energy independence. This is part three of the Energy Independence Series.

America’s Energy Transition in Numbers

The United States may not be on track to reach its climate goals yet, but the country’s energy transition is well underway. 

For example, no new coal-fired power plants have come online since 2013, and the energy sector has retired 30% of its coal-fired capacity since 2010. In turn, the decline in coal-fired generation is being offset by new renewable capacity.

Energy SourceNet Capacity Additions
(2021-2025P, megawatts)
2021 Total Capacity (megawatts)Net Capacity Additions as % of Current Capacity
Natural Gas18,151.8491,0004%
Solar51,241.7 (Read more...)