Day: October 21, 2022

The Celestial Zoo: A Map of 200+ Objects in Our Universe

This post is by Carmen Ang from Visual Capitalist

Detailed Map of Outer Space and the Known Universe

View a larger version of this graphic. For a full-size option or to inquire about posters, please visit Pablo Carlos Budassi’s website.

The Celestial Zoo: A Map of 200+ Objects in our Universe

Humans have been observing the universe for thousands of years.

And while we haven’t figured out all the answers quite yet, we’ve made some remarkable discoveries when it comes to learning about outer space.

What are some of the most notable observations that scientists have discovered so far? This map of outer space by Pablo Carlos Budassi highlights more than 200 celestial objects in our universe and provides details and facts about each one.

The Types of Celestial Objects Mapped

To create this graphic, Budassi used a combination of logarithmic astronomical maps from Princeton University, as well as images from NASA.

The visualization highlights 216 different celestial objects that are color-coded and organized into five overarching categories:

  • Moons and Asteroids
  • Planets
  • Galaxies
  • Star System
  • Great Scales/Superclusters

At the center of the map is the Sun, which is the largest object in our Solar System. According to NASA, the Sun’s volume is equivalent to 1.3 million Earths. The Sun is the powerhouse of life here on Earth—its energy provides our planet with a mild, warm climate that keeps us alive, keeping the Earth from becoming a frozen rock.

While the Sun is the only star in the Solar System, there is a neighboring star system called Alpha Centauri that’s approximately 4.37 light-years (Read more...)

Who’s Streaming’s Top of The Pops?

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

man listening to Soundcloud music on smartphone
Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

When Apple announced that it now has 100 million songs on its music streaming platform, it started a conversation. Bruce Houghton, founder of Hypebot puts the conversation to the rest with his estimates

  • Soundcloud: 300 million
  • Apple Music: 100 million
  • YouTube: 100 million
  • Amazon Music: 90 million
  • Tidal: 90 million
  • Deezer: 90 million
  • Spotify: 82 million

With just over 100,000 songs being uploaded every day, the totdaily, this number will soon balloonal number of songs on streaming services will continue to increase. The rise of generative AI will redefine music and creative an exponential boom in available musical content.

“The internet has the power to reach everybody, nearly instantly. But we’ve found out that there’s so much stuff that it’s hard to reach anybody.”

Bob Lefesetz

The elephant in the room is that with this many songs on tap, how much can we listen, how can we discover, and more importantly, do we even care about new music? Or do we retreat to what we know best? 

October 21, 2022. San Francisco

Lana has lost her drive

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

As a Lana Del Ray fan, I sometimes keep up with the news about her. Today, a news alert popped up — a laptop, three video cameras, and hard drives were stolen from her car. The computer has her book manuscript, and music and videos are on those drives. The singer took to Instagram to share her story and her loss. 

“I had to remotely wipe the computer that had my 200-page book for Simon & Schuster, which I didn’t have backed up on a cloud.  And despite that, people are still able this week to remotely access my phone and leak our songs and personal photos.”

Lana Del Ray

I feel a certain kinship with her. Nothing as radical as a car break-in, but we have lost hard drives to corruption and age. We have forgotten to back up our data to the cloud. I remember back in early 2002, my ThinkPad crashed, and I lost the manuscript of my book. Thank goodness, I had sent a version to my editor, so it wasn’t a total wash. Still, it was about a month of extra toil. (On the upside, I switched full-time to Mac and have not looked back. I can’t believe I have been using Apple products for two decades now.

More recently, I forgot a SanDisk SSD drive on the flight back from India. It had all the edited photoshop versions of my photos. I wasn’t too concerned because I had a permanent backup system in place (Read more...)

Further Down The NFT Rabbit Hole…Some Hardware That Looks Cool and Spiritually Long Versus Directionally Long

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning…

I continue down the NFT rabbit hole each day

Most of my current interest is in the potential utility and community and I still don’t see products, projects that interest me. I continue to hone a community idea around investing and comedy and lifestyle and it should be ready to show to the world by December.

As for collecting NFT’s as art or an an investment and/or speculation, I am way behind, but I plan to dive in soon.

I have seen some very cool hardware products that will be great to use as I start collecting NFT’s.

One for the desk is infinite objects.

For the walls, I plan on ordering a couple of Blackdove for home and office.

Fred Wilson talked about NFT screens in his recent post as well.

Way back in the early web 1 days, we joked that every web company was just taking magazines and putting them online. The web 3 era has so far been mostly the wild west and a lot of ‘let’s just build this web 2 product on the blockchain’. I have been directionally long crypto with some money but not in spirit.

I am getting now long crypto/web 3 (or web 2.5 or name of the week) in spirit, time and money and I am loving what I am seeing and learning.

Directionally long can be profitable but spiritually long is where the joy is.