Unpopular Opinion….Subscale Is The New Scale… A New Era of Authenticity and Being Nice

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning you lovely lovely people.

Howard here….

I finally ordered an eightsleep mattress (the cover). I had the founder Matteo on my podcast last year. My partners Tom and Gary swear by it so it was time to get with it.

Yesterday I did my first professional bike fitting. I have trusted a mirror, my eyes and feel for way too long and getting my bike sized by a professional with machines and software and video was an eye opening experience. My measurements have been off by about 20 percent.


I spend a lot of time searching for and listening to ‘smart’ people and to get to them or find them I have to spend a lot of time reading and networking and curating.

After doing this very intensely along with face to face for the last 35 years and with the help of the ‘social web’ the last 16, I have this incredible ‘peloton’ of people to accelerate everything I choose to focus on. It is a miracle.

People always ask me how I keep this up and I always say…it’s a habit and I enjoy it. I never planned on doing this almost daily for 17 years. Being authentic and mostly nice is a terrible way to scale. Authentic people are doomed to sub scale. I think subscale is the new scale and web 3 or whatever we end up calling it is offering the subscale people a way to get profitable fast

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