Creating Content for Crypto Education With Coindesk’s Michael Casey

This post is by Georgian Team from Georgian

As the Scaletech Conference continues, bringing together leaders and experts from across North America’s startup and technology sectors, we’re sharing key takeaways and thoughts from this year’s panel of experts with the Georgian team.

Next up is panel speaker, Michael Casey, Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk.

Educating consumers on blockchain 

Like all emerging technologies, consumers need to be educated on the new technology, how it works, and how it will benefit them. When trying to educate consumers on blockchain-based businesses, remember that most people still think about the world around them in a physical — analog — context, which can make it difficult for people to wrap their head around the technical concepts of blockchain.

For example, when talking about blockchain addresses, our brain still thinks “that’s a different person.” But blockchain is designed for pseudonymous identities, making the idea of identity on the blockchain much more complex. 

So, even though crypto purchases may go through multiple levels of buyers, the story – or content – that people want to hear about is the transaction from “point A” to “point B” since that’s a concept they’re used to in the physical world.  

One solution can be to educate your buyers about the crypto-buying process itself. It’s simply not as linear as many people may imagine a transaction being. This could also be an opportunity to educate buyers or investors about increased security threats that can be present when purchasing cryptocurrencies. As crypto technology advances, so do the security breaches, (Read more...)