Early Stage SaaS CFO Tech Stack Starter Pack

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Early Stage SaaS CFO-Tech Stack Starter Pack

Having just established a finance tech stack at a Series B company, I understand how critical the right finance infrastructure can be at an early stage startup. The right finance tools lay the foundation for the company and ultimately drive efficiency and improved insights across the organization. When I was looking for the right tool set, I would have appreciated an “early stage CFO-tech starter pack” to help point me in the right direction of tools I should evaluate. I thought it would be helpful if I could unpack why a finance tech stack is so important and recommend a few tools that will make your life easier.

Why is a finance tech stack so important?

Beyond standard finance needs, the finance tech stack needs to address the following points for a seed to early series B company:

  • Integrate with the marketing, sales, and HR stack to have the most robust and accurate data
  • Build in automation to shorten the time to close and decrease finance hours spent on tedious tasks
  • Provide insights to manage cash burn impact and find cash savings opportunities
  • Scale with the organization with minimal disruption

Deciding which tool is right for your early stage startup

Given the key functional objectives listed above (and assuming your outsourced accounting team already has the Accounting Systems in place), I would recommend looking at the following tools during your evaluation:

AWS Compute Spend Tools (Finance Aspect)

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