Sunday Reads and Listens and Lectures and Beat LA

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning!!!!

Before I get started…I’m doing some maintenance to my website this weekend and there is a potential for some internet access issues which would take site down for 24 hours.


Congrats to the Padres on beating LA which is all that seems to matter to people here in San Diego and I stand with my San Diegoans.

My buddy and next door neighbor here on Coronado (Eliot) took me to the Padres game on Friday night (game three) and it was fun. I grabbed a video of the last pitch of the game.

Ellen and I have been back and forth to Coronado and Phoenix as we deal with the damages from a water leak in Coronado (a reminder you don’t own things but things own you).

Last week I was in Phoenix at the office for a few days and to give a talk at Arizona State University, my MBA alma mater in 1989, to the venture capital class of the business school. The professor Timothy Haitaian is a successful entrepreneur ( and he is doing it for the love of the game.

I shared a bunch of my entrepreneurial and investing stories which they seemed to enjoy and a few of my overall thoughts on what makes a good entrepreneur and investor. Back when I was in graduate school, the ASU MBA students had two highly recruited paths – work at Dial or Proctor and Gamble in consumer products or (Read more...)