5 Notes from the 10-Year Anniversary of the Pardot Exit

Last week marked the 10-year anniversary of the Pardot exit to ExactTarget. Like all great experiences in life, I have fond memories of the team, customers, partners, advisors, and everyone else we worked with along the way. Of course, there were plenty of high highs and low lows as that comes with the territory when building a startup. I’m most proud of partnering with Adam Blitzer to build an incredible business that made our own little mark on the marketing technology community and Atlanta startup community.

Here are 5 random notes reflecting on Pardot in the context of the 10 years since our sale:

  1. The Pardot Name – Incredibly, the Pardot name lived on as part of Salesforce.com all the way until April of this year when it was renamed “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.” While there is some debate about the quality of the new name selection, for the Pardot brand to live on for 9.5 years is amazing. Most brands in the Salesforce.com portfolio are removed and a generic one created within a couple years, so Pardot had a great run.
  2. pi.pardot.com – The sign-in URL lives on as thousands of sites point back to this address to run mission critical functionality on their own site (e.g. visitor tracking and forms). A little known fact is that we chose pi.pardot.com in the early days because Pardot was the company name and Prospect Insight was the product name. Plus, pi is nice and nerdy. Note to founders: make (Read more...)