Team Profile: David Tingle

This post is by Georgian Team from Georgian

What do you do for Georgian?

I work on the Applied Research team, which is a team of machine learning research scientists and engineers who work with Georgian’s customers on an array of high-value projects to help bring AI products to market. As the Engagement Manager, I’m involved in all of those projects, from the very first scoping meetings through to product adoption. 

A big part of my role is building and nurturing strong relationships with our customers and ensuring that we’re working with the right partners and champions within those organizations. There’s also a lot of product strategy involved as well as a fair amount of coordination and logistics to ensure that everything is happening on time and according to plan. I also collaborate with our customers to measure the value of the work that the team delivers.

When did you join Georgian and what were you doing before?

I joined in January 2022. Prior to that I worked at Google helping support the relationships Google has with some of its largest advertising and cloud computing customers, like The Home Depot and Best Buy. My role was to help them and other big retailers execute on technical projects such as running experiments and integrating first party data into Google’s platform products. There, as at Georgian, this involves hands-on technical work, as well as coordinating between various technical and business teams on both sides of the relationship. 

What kinds of projects do you and the Applied Research team work on?

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