You’re more ready than you think

This post is by Reid Hoffman from Reid Hoffman

“I don’t feel ready.”

 That’s what I hear again and again from people starting—or restarting—their careers.

 But I have good news: you’re more ready than you think. 

 I’m not saying this just to make you feel better. It’s true.

You’re more adaptive than you think. If you don’t have enough relevant work experience, you may think that you don’t have much to offer. But you’ll be surprised how valuable your existing skills and connections are to those who don’t have them.

You can take more risks than you think. Rather than fleeing risk, you should learn to take intelligent risks. An intelligent risk is an opportunity with enough upside to justify the possible downside. You’ll find an opportunity that others miss, if others perceive something as riskier than it is.

Your network is bigger than you think. You may think your network is small or that you don’t know the right people. But if you’re connected to a couple hundred people on LinkedIn, you’re actually at the center of an extended network more than 2 million people strong. 

You’re more ready than you think not because you’ve learned everything you need to know, but because you’re likely underestimating what you already have. 

You’re more ready than you think

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