Ten years ago at the blog — the terrestrial superstation thread has aged well

You heard it here first.

If you go back 10 years or so and look at what media and business reporters were saying about the future of television, you'll notice that pretty much everything turned out to be wrong. The future of streaming was supposed to be the single tier, ad-free model of Netflix based on original programming. Basic cable was dying and over the air television was already dead. Outside of the Chicago and to a lesser extent, LA papers, there was virtually no coverage of the industry other than the occasional opinion piece arguing for selling off its share of the spectrum. 

Now even Netflix is moving away from the Netflix model, the basic cable show Yellowstone is arguably the biggest thing on television, and over the air television is coming off more than twelve years of steady profitability and growth with channels like MeTV and Bounce beating deep-pocketed competitors and almost all of the majors playing some kind of catch up. Hell, The Wall Street Journal just did a profile of the newly retrocool Svengoolie. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Free TV blogging -- Why Weigel Broadcasting may be the best business story that no one's covering -- part I

[I should start with the disclaimer that all of the information I have about Weigel comes from two sources: Wikipedia and way too many hours of watching television. It's entirely possible that a competent journalist could discover that the truth here is something entirely different, but if competent (Read more...)