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This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

The paragraph (below) sums up the predicament of the post-social world: there is hardly any difference in information, misinformation, and disinformation anymore. You have to spend more energy and burn more neurons to distinguish what is real and what matters. You are better off paying no attention. And yet, there seems to be no escaping! 

Kanye is a public figure, making news 24/7.

Kind of like Elon Musk. Like this guy can solve the problems in Ukraine, like he knows more about the situation than Zelensky, like Ukraine should just accept that Crimea is now part of Russia, even though Russia stole it after the 2014 Olympics. There are people who can’t get over what the state did to them a hundred years ago, but Ukrainians should just get over it. And how the hell would Elon even know? It’s a full-time job keeping up on the world situation, and this guy already has two jobs, and he’s angling for a third. The veneration of the rich makes me insane.

Bob Lefsetz

Even though I have not paid any attention to Kanye or whatever he has to say, he somehow finds his way into my information diet. Same goes for Elon. Or every other tech bro who wants to ride his coattails and has an asinine and ill-informed opinion on geopolitics.  I have muted all such conversations and punditry on Twitter and other social media. Like corn syrup that has become the scourge of modern life, this mal-information finds its (Read more...)