How to Shift Your Company to an Enterprise Model

This post is by Georgian Team from Georgian

As the annual invite-only Scaletech Conference continues, bringing together leaders and experts from across North America’s start-up and technology sectors, we’re sharing key takeaways and thoughts from this year’s panel of experts with the Georgian team. 

Next up is Scaletech faculty member Sean Lynch, who is co-founder and chief product officer at Census Data.

Transitioning from consumer-led growth to enterprise

In a consumer-led growth model, you’re focused on expansion through consumer-facing interactions. These tend to be linear. As you transition to selling to enterprise, you may need to reconsider the value you’re delivering to your end customer. 

Take cloud storage, for example. When consumers want more of your services, demand for your company or offering will inevitably grow. With enterprises, however, internal conversations of value are more complex and can include considerations like how services are being offered and whether these are sustainable, and/or the cost-benefit analysis of whether your potential customer should buy from you or build a solution in-house. 

This added value can be measured through ROI research and calculations – things like real time-cost savings, how are you making your customers’ lives easier and more. Although these calculations can be difficult to justify – these evaluations can create tailored solutions for your business.

Hiring your first senior product role

There’s a moment in a startup’s journey where the founders need to hand off some amount of product ownership and responsibility off to a new person. At this point, as a founder, you’ll have to decide what (Read more...)