How to Make Better AI Predictions Through Data and Optimal Hiring

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Networking with industry leaders is key to evolving your business. These connections help you information swap on current big issues, including shifting dynamics in the tech industry and what’s on the horizon.

The annual invite-only Scaletech Conference provides a unique opportunity to network while tackling these big questions. Through expert speakers covering topics like data science, cloud computing, virtual platforms and artificial intelligence, the event is a chance for companies to get answers to their most pressing questions. Since the event’s inception, Scaletech has grown to focus on building technology at scale and successfully delivering these products.

Here are some big ideas from Scaletech Faculty member and computer scientist, Hilary Mason, who along with being a data expert — is co-founder and CEO of Hidden Door, a technology studio building narrative AI.

Consider the implications of AI

While AI can make your business solutions more effective and efficient, it’s important to consider how and when to best use it with your company’s particular modelling.

For example, are there areas where your data is predictable and is the space that you’re making data predictions within well-known and documented? If so, AI could be a good solution; however, events like the COVID-19 pandemic can create a huge break in predictable spaces, as people’s behaviours quickly and significantly change. 

In these scenarios, you want to rely on human judgment along with a set of rules or predictions. Incorporating probabilistic models for decision-making, in which you’re planning ahead to make decisions based on (Read more...)