Good Sisters…Bad Sisters

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

My sisters Robyn and Fern came to visit us in Phoenix last week and it was fun (and loud) having everyone in the same house. We did a lot of hiking and eating and I have did a lifetime of the Kasrdashian’s on HULU.

I will say that I would rather give my hard earned investment dollars to the Kardashian’s (any of them) than Cathie Wood. The Kardashian’s have less drama too!

Cathie took some time away from being down 75 percent to type a letter to the FED. You can read it here. Cathie makes some points that I agree with because I too hate losing money in stocks. I do not recall her writing any letters to the FED when they printed so much money her stocks went up in the first place.

The one ‘truth’ about the markets has been and continues to be…’Do NOT Fight The Fed’. I think this letter confirms the fight she has been in.

Anyhoo, my ‘good sisters’ are off and back east in Toronto and Ellen and I have been binging ‘Bad Sisters‘ on Apple TV plus.

These ‘bad sisters’ make the Kardashian’s look like nuns.

The show is fantastic!

It’s like the Irish Dallas in the sense that everyone in Ireland wants to kill the brother in law John Paul.

I’m off to participate in yet another day of the real life drama/thriller titled ‘Bad Markets’.

Have a great day.