Day: October 5, 2022

The eSIM Problem

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

All about the camera! Photo courtesy of Apple.

I was traveling when Apple launched the new iPhone 14 series. For once, I had no desire to upgrade from my 13 Pro — only a year old. It is a great little device and does pretty much everything I need it to do. However, being the camera nerd I am, I couldn’t resist. The new 48-megapixel camera was a tempting prospect. “48 megapixels is nuts,” tweeted Sebastiaan de With, co-creator of my favorite camera app, Halide. “It’s transformative for iPhone photography.” The pixel binning technology the new iPhone 14 uses reminds me of the pixel binning used by Leica’s new M11 cameras. So  I ordered one: the Max in the new purple color.

The phone arrived this past Friday. It was the first iPhone that exclusively used eSIMs — something we started writing about at the old blog about a decade ago. (I know the eSIM-only devices made Stacey Higginbotham very happy.)  And from what I had read and seen on YouTube, it seemed that switching the number to the new phone was going to be a breeze. I was about to learn, the hard way, that never believe everything you read in the reviews.  

While the setting up on the phone is a breeze — I restore everything from the latest backup on the iCloud. You just type in your Apple ID and password and then let the phone set itself up in sync with the old phone. It (Read more...)

Book: Burn Rate: Launching a Startup and Losing My Mind

This post is by Brad Feld from Brad Feld

Since Matt Levine is so effectively covering anything interesting in the world of the Twitter deal (and all kinds of bizarre, random, and complicated crypto, fraud, debt, and other financial stuff), I think I’ll stick with book reviews for the time being.

Andy Dunn, who I only know indirectly, wrote an important book titled Burn Rate: Launching a Startup and Losing My Mind. While it covers the story of Andy’s company, Bonobos, it’s really about mental health and entrepreneurship.

While there might be other entrepreneur autobiographies like Burn Rate, I can’t think of any. The closest is Tracy Kidder’s awesome book titled A Truck Full of Money about Paul English, an entrepreneur I do happen to know.

Tracy’s book is a mix of Paul’s entrepreneurial story combined with his experience being bipolar. Andy’s book is his entrepreneurial story combined with his experience of being bipolar. Both are remarkably brave books. Andy’s autobiography is particularly powerful since he is extremely detailed about several of the manic experiences that he had while running Bonobos.

While I don’t know Andy, I know several of his investors. His description of how they handled the situation of discovering Andy’s mental health diagnosis made me proud to know them. Andy decided to proactively hold a board meeting to describe what had happened that resulted in him ending up in the hospital and jail. One of his board members, Joel Peterson (who I don’t know), is remarkable.

“When I got out of the hospital, (Read more...)

The Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers in 2022

This post is by Bruno Venditti from Visual Capitalist

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The Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers in 2022

The Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers in 2022

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The global electric vehicle (EV) battery market is expected to grow from $17 billion to more than $95 billion between 2019 and 2028.

With increasing demand to decarbonize the transportation sector, companies producing the batteries that power EVs have seen substantial momentum.

Here we update our previous graphic of the top 10 EV battery manufacturers, bringing you the world’s biggest battery manufacturers in 2022.

Chinese Dominance

Despite efforts from the United States and Europe to increase the domestic production of batteries, the market is still dominated by Asian suppliers.

The top 10 producers are all Asian companies.

Currently, Chinese companies make up 56% of the EV battery market, followed by Korean companies (26%) and Japanese manufacturers (10%).

The leading battery supplier, CATL, expanded its market share from 32% in 2021 to 34% in 2022. One-third of the world’s EV batteries come from the Chinese company. CATL provides lithium-ion batteries to Tesla, Peugeot, Hyundai, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

RankCompany2022 Market ShareCountry
#1CATL34%China 🇨🇳
#2LG Energy Solution14%Korea 🇰🇷
#3BYD12%China 🇨🇳
#4Panasonic10%Japan 🇯🇵
#5SK Innovation7%Korea 🇰🇷
#6Samsung SDI5%Korea 🇰🇷
#7CALB4%China 🇨🇳
#8Guoxuan3%China 🇨🇳
#9Sunwoda2% (Read more...)

Recovery Mode

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

white ceramic mug on white table beside black eyeglasses
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Even though I promised I would blog every day, the new month isn’t off to such a good start. In what can be a coincidence, while on my way back from India, I caught some kind of cold-cough infection, most likely on the plane or at the airport. When I got back to San Francisco, I was feeling sluggish. The nose was starting to stuff. The throat was sore and itching. I was feeling a bit tired. Oh, oh. I thought, did I catch the virus? 

The next day, I went and got the new booster and a flu vaccine, both at the same time. Before heading to get my shots, I tested myself — negative, and I have tested negative every day since. I even tested negative on the PCR test. So it must have been the common cold with a dash of jetlag. But it sure did feel like the dreaded virus. I had no idea what had happened. I have been down since, and it has taken almost ten days to recover from whatever was the affliction. 

This morning, though, I feel much better. It feels good not to be all stuffed up, and I can walk without wheezing. I feel pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to get going.

Oct 5, 2022. San Francisco 

PS: I’m a fan of Nomad Goods. I love their Horoween leather iPhone and iPad covers. I probably drop my iPad more than any sane person, (Read more...)

Why Applying Machine Learning to Biology is Hard – But Worth It

Jimmy Lin is CSO of Freenome, which is developing blood-based tests for early cancer detection, starting with colon cancer. He is a pioneer in developing computational approaches to extract insights from large-scale genomic data, having spearheaded the computational analyses of the first genome-wide sequencing studies in multiple cancer types.  Lin talked to Future about the... Read More

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Thursday Tweets — a day early in case something happens to Twitter


"Berry had stated that she would be in favor of bringing the MSC back for early voting next year." Just in time for the 2023 midterms.

Gingrich. Trump. Walker.... Christ.

Remember when the mainstream press got the vapors when Joe said semi-fascist?

Last time it (Read more...)