Market Map: 275+ Real Estate Technology Companies Transforming Today’s Housing Market

Real Estate Technology Market Map

I’m excited to release Thomvest’s 2022 real estate technology market map, which includes more than 275 companies operating within the residential real estate segment. This is the fourth update to the market map and includes over 70 new companies this year — a testament to the pace of entrepreneurship in this category. A few relevant links:

  • A high-resolution version of the market map can be accessed here.
  • The full list of companies included in this market map is available here.
  • Please note that while I try to be as comprehensive as possible when compiling these maps, I will inevitably miss several great companies. If you’d like to add a company for future inclusion on the market map, you the form to do so is available here.
  • My commercial real estate market map is available here. I plan to publish a 2022 update to this map next month.

This market map real estate technology companies operating across every phase of the home purchase value chain. These companies have collectively raised more than $35B in venture capital, and range from seed stage businesses to public companies.

Much has changed over the last year in the housing sector — a sharp rise in interest rates has flipped market sentient from frenzied to fearful. Following record home price appreciation over the last two years, housing sales have largely stalled and mortgage originations are expected to decline by more than 40 percent year-over-year. Many real estate technology companies generate revenue on a transactional basis, meaning a softening (Read more...)