30+ Climate good news stories last week: Paying for adaptation, Indigenous co-management, and more

This post is by Marshall Kirkpatrick from Marshall Kirkpatrick's website

This week’s edition of the Exponential View newsletter just went out – and that prompts me to post here all the stories of climate momentum that the team and I surfaced the week prior.  There’s a whole system we’ve built to surface the best climate news each week, and a team to run it. (More on that soon.)  Then I write up the stories selected by the folks at Exponential View.  It’s a great honor to get to be a part of it, EV is an amazing community and I can’t recommend checking them out highly enough.

Want some good climate news to build on?  Here are 4 stories we wrote up last week and 26 more that you might find inspiring as well!

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Marshall’s comment: “In addition to billions of dollars of new loans and investments aimed to bolster renewables, and legal rulings against multi-billion dollar fossil fuel projects, here are some of the most interesting new developments in climate this week.” 

Renewables milestone: Wind and solar power provided more than 10% of the entire world’s power generation for the first time last year, Bloomberg NEF reported this week.  50% of the new power generation added last year was from solar, 14% from wind.  The bad news is that coal grew faster last year, too. Just 89.5% of the mix left to go for renewables! Last month we shared a meta study by 15 academic institutions demonstrating that it is now effectively a global scientific (Read more…)