ANNOUNCEMENT and Why the Tesla Humanoid Robot Matters

This post is by Robert Scoble from Scobleizer

Irena Cronin and I are seeing huge shifts coming as autonomous vehicles get to the point where they are driving around San Francisco without humans. We recently started comparing notes and we are seeing the same trends. 

So, today we are announcing that I am rejoining Infinite Retina as Chief Strategy Officer. We are bringing new understanding to entrepreneurs and product strategists on Augmented Reality and everything related to it, including AI and Computer Vision. Here is our first analysis (located at: [url]) on why we should all be paying attention to what is happening in humanoid robots and consumer electronics, which include autonomous vehicles that are now arriving to people’s garages and, soon, Augmented Reality devices from Apple and others.

Tomorrow Elon Musk will step on stage and show us the latest AI and robotics. We think this is a much more important announcement than most people are expecting and here’s an analysis of just how deeply Optimus (Tesla’s humanoid robot), and other humanoid robots, will change all of our homes. 

The last time Irena and I collaborated, we wrote a book, Infinite Retina, that Qualcomm’s head of Augmented and Virtual Reality, Hugo Swart, reviewed as a “must read.” This time, in addition to consulting, Irena and I are doing new analyses in the form of a paid product on Augmented Reality topics that we will offer on a monthly basis. One that loves Augmented Reality devices and automated electric cars, and other products that make life more (Read more...)