Member Spotlight: Creative Ventures

For this deep dive, we spoke with James Wang, General Partner at Creative Ventures.

James Wang, General Partner at Creative Ventures

Tell us about your firm. What makes it different?

As a deep tech venture firm, our investment interests lie in early-stage companies that are solving humanity’s most critical crises.

With core structural issues—such as rising healthcare costs, labor shortages, and the effects of climate change—becoming increasingly significant, our firm seeks opportunities to fund companies and founders with real deep tech solutions. Our team at Creative is truly set apart by our ability to discern realistic market fit because we commit ourselves to thousands of hours of research and diligence into market solutions and technologies before we meet a founder or see their pitch deck.

We can see a viable solution worth funding earlier in the process because we aren’t just a team of investors; each of us is a dual-technical operator specializing in at least one or more thesis-related fields.

What defines your portfolio? 

Our portfolio is defined by applicable solutions to real-life, global-scale problems. We’re not looking to invest in the next biggest app or the trendiest tech—we’re looking to solve critical, global issues, and so are the companies we invest in.

As a result, the areas we’ve invested in are considered some of the “hardest,” including healthcare, like Exo (portable, nanotech-based ultrasound); labor automation, like Picnic Works (food service automation with robotics); and climate change, like TerraCO2 (geopolymer-based, low carbon cement).

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