Creating Animated GIFs with Midjourney AI Art

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A couple simple examples of how you can use variations to combine mutliple images to create simple animations.

This feels like the kind of thing Midjourney could automate the creation of at some point.

Btw, for some reason, you have to click the animated GIF for it to load.

Classic Zombie Film

This is the outcome of the following string:

classic zombie film with psychadelic zombies, insanely detailed and ornate 3D style, drawn on paper with ink, symmetrical, dream-like, colorful, vector, low poly, colorful patterned background fills page

I have built a library of prompts based on output from other Midjourney users that I then use for iterations.

So, the mindset is very Pay it Forward, Standing on the Shoulders (of those who put the work in before us).

Specific to the creation process of the animation, it's super simple if you are on a mac (and probably not that different on windows).

I use Apple Keynote, which is the Powerpoint-like software included on Mac.

(Sidebar: Keynote is GREAT for building UI/UX wireframes, and has lots of nifty features that make for better "symmetry" across the design process.) 

I change the slide size to match the output of Mijourney, which is 768*768 (when I use –test and –upbeta settings).

Then, I add each of the separate images as slides, and then do export as animated GIF, and finagle the timing of transitions until I have the cadence that I like.

Quick Tips of building animated GIFs

  1. Don't undervalue the (Read more…)