How to Tell Your Story to Growth-Stage Investors

This post is by Margaret Wu from Georgian

So you’re an early-stage startup that’s seeing more customers and more excitement around your product, and now, you’re ready to fundraise to hit that rocketship growth. But the same pitch and pitch deck you used to raise your early rounds is completely different from your growth round — there are new metrics and new expectations to account for with growth-stage investors. 

At earlier stages, you’re more focused on selling the potential of your business, the strength of your team and how large your market is; investors listening to your pitch are focused on the big vision. But once you hit that series B or C stage, investors are focused on more quantitative metrics, so it’s time to demonstrate traction. 

At Georgian, there are many considerations we’re making when evaluating companies. We drafted this guide to help you better understand the most important metrics you should use to tell your story, and why storytelling is so important in a pitch. This article is part of a series we’ll be doing over the next few months on the fundraising process.

As companies look to expand their runway in light of more challenging financing markets, we wanted to provide founders with some tried-and-true methods to maximize their chance of successful growth-stage fundraising.

We’re looking for efficient and predictable businesses 

At the growth stage, we’re not making bets — we want to see a strong business, and we want to make sure every company in our portfolio has a high chance of making it. (Read more...)