Design for an ethos of change

This post is by Collab Fund from Collab Fund

You have probably noticed things look a little different around here. The logo, the colors, the typography. Even the name, sort of.

We rebranded, but why?

Before I dig into the reasoning behind some of these changes, I thought it might be a good time to introduce myself: Hi! My name is Atley and I recently joined Collab Fund as a design & brand partner.

I’ve been working with Collaborative in a variety of capacities basically since its inception in 2010 whether that be supporting portfolio companies with early-stage design and brand decisions or helping build Shared Future — both the magazine and the fund.

I’m a designer and brand strategist by trade. I have helped launch and scale companies and have always done so with form in service of function. The whats, whys and hows really do matter.

I believe every decision your company makes is a brand decision. I believe there are no right or wrong decisions in brandmaking, only decisions that either get you closer or further from your desired outcomes. And I believe that if you take care of your constituents (customers, employees, whomever), they will ultimately take care of your business.

I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but I will always be committed to helping you find them.

Three things stood out to me about Collab back in 2010 and those same three things inspired me to get more involved earlier this year.

First: Values. We’ve said this before and every (Read more…)