New Global Study Reveals the Emojis That Make You More (Or Less) Attractive

Forget the best and worst pickup lines, now thanks to Adobe all single people have some data on the emojis to use (and which ones to avoid) when trying to appear more attractive. This is just one data point from the recently released 2022 U.S. Emoji Trend Report from Adobe’s font team. Other conclusions from the report:

  • Adding emojis to your messages makes you cooler, friendlier and funnier.
  • Emojis can boost mental health by making it easier to express ourselves.
  • The crying while laughing emoji is the #1 favorite for U.S. users.

Back to dating, the study also found that more than half of participants are likely to “use even more emoji” with someone they are interested in. Apparently “emojis make a lasting romantic impression.” The data has spoken. Although you probably shouldn’t need a survey to tell you sending an eggplant emoji after a first date is a bad choice.