Lessons from Enjoy the Work’s Leslie Fine: Board meetings, scaling sales teams, storytelling & more!

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Networking with industry leaders is key to evolving your business. These connections help you information swap on current big issues, including shifting dynamics in the tech industry and what’s on the horizon.

The annual invite-only Scaletech Conference provides a unique opportunity to network while tackling these big questions. Through four expert speakers covering topics like data science, cloud computing, virtual platforms and artificial intelligence, the event is a chance for companies to get answers to their most pressing questions. Since the event’s inception, Scaletech has grown to focus on building technology at scale and successfully delivering these products.

Here are some key takeaways from the first session with Leslie Fine, General Partner at Enjoy the Work.

Use your board as a resource

Remember that your board is there to help you and that you can, and should, use them as a resource. In many ways, you as CEO are the customer but the quality of the outcome depends on what you put into it. Clarity of agenda, coming with a point of view rather than a report and being crisp on actions and follow throughs are the building blocks to making that quarterly meeting productive.

Don’t omit the real issues facing your organization from board meetings – aka the challenges keeping you up at night. Your board is investing their time and their money to help you be successful realizing the company’s vision. Leverage them to help you find solutions to your big hairy issues.

Have clear agreements with (Read more…)