Goodbye For Now Lake Como…I Will Be Back

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I have no idea why I have never spent anytime at Lake Como. Ellen and I had a meal here with friends a few years back on way to Tuscany, but we never thought of just spending time here.

I grew up spending summers at Lake Simcoe and Lake Muskoka outside Toronto. Lake life is in my blood.

I could get used to this…(sorry…not sorry)…

I now have Lake Como fever which has surpassed Italian Dolomite fever which surpassed Tuscany fever.

It is easy to fall in love with a place if you stay at hotels as wonderful as Passalacqua and Il Sereno, so I am very biased in how my view has been shaped (btw, the little coffee and bakery shop up the 100 stairs behind Passalacqua is fantastic with incredible views and a 100 percent local vibe).

The last few days we have been staying at Il Sereno Hotel right on Lake Como and has been glorious. The modern design, the boutique size, the surroundings, the luxury, the natural light, and the sounds are second to none for me personally, but with my crazy cycling ‘adventurecation’ crew the goal is to always try and top it.

Here is my balcony view and work spot the last few days…

I took this at dawn this morning on the way out as we head to ride for the day…

I look forward to coming back.

As for our riding…yesterday was an epic day of climbs and scenery around and above (Read more...)