Should USA Ban Tik Tok?

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning everyone.

It seems like banning TikTok is a big subject right now.

This weekend the tech CEO’s and ‘speaking tour elite’ (Scott Galloway) got together and complained.

I have been for banning Tik Tok as it became dominant because I have been to China and not been able to use American apps. They have a digital wall and so should we has been my thinking.

Now that it has become a ‘meme’ I don’t know if I care as much.

I do not use Tik Tok, so I would not miss it. I think Fat Nixon had a chance to kill it, but he had the assanine idea of auctioning it off to Oracle or Microsoft.

The consumer privacy laws in the USA are so horrific that I have to assume we are selling data to the Chinese 100 different ways. I don’t trust anyone with my data and assume the worst will happen because of my surfing habits.

I just hope I have built up enough goodwill over the years to not be cancelled or shamed.

I think this becomes a much bigger issue as midterms approach.