Day: September 11, 2022

Should USA Ban Tik Tok?

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning everyone.

It seems like banning TikTok is a big subject right now.

This weekend the tech CEO’s and ‘speaking tour elite’ (Scott Galloway) got together and complained.

I have been for banning Tik Tok as it became dominant because I have been to China and not been able to use American apps. They have a digital wall and so should we has been my thinking.

Now that it has become a ‘meme’ I don’t know if I care as much.

I do not use Tik Tok, so I would not miss it. I think Fat Nixon had a chance to kill it, but he had the assanine idea of auctioning it off to Oracle or Microsoft.

The consumer privacy laws in the USA are so horrific that I have to assume we are selling data to the Chinese 100 different ways. I don’t trust anyone with my data and assume the worst will happen because of my surfing habits.

I just hope I have built up enough goodwill over the years to not be cancelled or shamed.

I think this becomes a much bigger issue as midterms approach.

Another Addition to Flare Capital Team…

How can it get any better? And yet it does…

Please welcome Soltan Bryce to the investment team at Flare Capital Partners. As we prepare to invest our most recent fund, we have added a few more “healthcare rock stars” to the team and Soltan continues that theme. In addition to an impressive academic career (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Harvard Business School), he has worked for some of the most important healthcare companies in the industry: The Advisory Board Company (ABC), athenahealth, and most recently, Boston Medical Center (BMC). And in the midst of all of that, Soltan was on the Founding Team and Head of Growth for Plume, a leading provider of gender-affirming healthcare services in the country.

What is so profoundly striking about Soltan is his deep commitment to issues of equity, inclusion, access, and quality of care; quite simply, it touches all aspects of his life. Upon graduating from Harvard Business School, he joined BMC as a Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer & EVP of Strategy as a one-year HBS Leadership Fellow expressly to focus on improving access to equitable care and affordable coverage at the city’s largest safety net hospital. Given the important role social determinants of health play in many of our portfolio companies, Soltan’s insights here will be invaluable given his work at BMC.

His work at The Advisory Board Company and at athenahealth provided a deep understanding of the role technology plays in the transformation (Read more...)

A reallocation of respect

This post is by Seth Godin from Seth's Blog

Who gets the benefit of the doubt?

Who is treated with dignity?

You would think that this shouldn’t be scarce. When the pool of respect is widened, no one is harmed.

And yet, cultural status roles have ingrained biases all around us.

We’re now seeing a long overdue evaluation of unexamined norms, which aren’t, and shouldn’t be treated as “normal.”

The most direct way forward is to default to more respect, simply because that’s what people deserve.

Sunday Reads and Watches and Listens…Apple, NFT’s, Nolan Ryan and Incrementalism

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Happy Sunday…

My view this morning from a perfect cafe about 300 steps up the hill in Lake Como…

Yesterday afternoon we took a scenic boat ride along Como which really helped me appreciate the area…

The lake is 45 km long which is much bigger than I thought…

Today will be the first ride of our trip around Lake Como. Here is our group – Ali, Mike and Mark (missing Michael who spent the day in Milan at the Formula 1 race)…

Yesterday, I posted our ride itinerary and at least 70 percent of the people that chimed in said I have NO chance of completing the rides! I am definitely a bit concerned, but I will take it day by day.

On the flight over I watched the Nolan Ryan documentary and Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) documentary and they were both excellent.

I am catching up on a ton of reading as I use this cycling retreat as a way to think through some trends in early stage investing I am excited about.

One trend I continue to focus on is capital efficiency. As everyone around me has more money and less patience (a 12 year boom will do that to the world), I want to think smaller and more patiently. I am excited about trends I am amidst and can visualize as a customer. That means startups/businesses that cater to the 10-20 percent of people who are price insensitive.

I was sitting with Fred Wilson last week (Read more...)