I Love New York But Here Comes Italy

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I have had an amazing two days running around to meetings in New York.  Lower Manhattan is humming.

I continue to learn the subways (not that it is hard, more that I have been lazy and stubborn) which has really helped me move around

I have not been on the upper east side in years, but now Rachel lives up there and I got to see her apartment for the first time.  It was clean and neat (I did give her notice) and I am so happy for her.

I’m off to Italy tonight for the beginning of an incredible riding trip in the mountains around Lake Como.  Ellen is on her yearly sister trip, this year in Morocco.  She sent me this picture yesterday which made me smile:

Last night I met up for a few drinks with Rachel and my friends Dani Zoldan, Mike Dudas and Dan Altman. Dani is a local comedy legend who owns a comedy club on the upper west side, started ‘Stand Up NY’ and runs some great comedy festivals. For a while he was partners in the club with an old friend of mine James Altucher. James is to put it gently, a bit of a ‘character’ so we got to talking about old stories and how small a world it is. I shqred a story about how I met James and how once shadowed me for a day of meetings in New York and wrote about it.

I dug it up and (Read more...)