Collective Yields Impressive Results in Our Latest ESG Survey

This post is by Georgian Team from Georgian

We’re excited to share some of the results of our second annual ESG survey, which we use to collect data on how our customers (our portfolio companies) are performing against an array of ESG benchmarks. With an 87% participation rate, the responses our customers provided are critical to helping us better understand their ESG priorities, how they are progressing against industry benchmarks and where there are opportunities to create new programs to collectively address common challenges going forward. 

This year for the first time, the survey results revealed insights about The Collective, a collaborative working group methodology that we have established hand-in-hand with our customers to accelerate the adoption of ESG best practices. The Collective first formed in 2020 to co-create solutions to ESG challenges that are:

  • Action-oriented: The group wanted to find solutions they could actually implement.
  • Metrics-focused: The solutions are measurable and should remove barriers for diverse employees and candidates.
  • Efficient and value-added: The work has to fit within existing company growth and operational objectives.
  • Performance-driven: The outcomes need to contribute to company performance.

The first area the Collective chose to focus on was diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity (DIBE) practices at their companies. 

In addition to looking at key findings the survey revealed about the DIBE Collective group, we also outline some of the biggest opportunities we see to use the same Collective approach to address other ESG challenges.

The Collective’s Outsized Impact

The DIBE Collective formed when our CEO working group identified talent (Read more…)