Charting the Relationship Between Wealth and Happiness, by Country

This post is by Nick Routley from Visual Capitalist

Data visualization showing the relationship between wealth and happiness around the world

The Relationship Between Wealth and Happiness, by Country

Throughout history, the pursuit of happiness has been a preoccupation of humankind.

Of course, we humans are not just content with measuring our own happiness, but also our happiness in relation to the people around us—and even other people around the world. The annual World Happiness Report, which uses global survey data to report how people evaluate their own lives in more than 150 countries, helps us do just that.

The factors that contribute to happiness are as subjective and specific as the billions of humans they influence, but there are a few that have continued to resonate over time. Family. Love. Purpose. Wealth. The first three examples are tough to measure, but the latter can be analyzed in a data-driven way.

Does money really buy happiness? Let’s find out.

Wealth and Happiness

To crunch the numbers, we looked at data from Credit Suisse, which breaks down the average wealth per adult in various countries around the world.

The table below looks at 146 countries by their happiness score and wealth per adult:

CountryWealth per Adult (US$)Happiness Score
Finland 73,7757.8
Denmark 165,6227.6
Iceland 231,4627.6
Switzerland 146,7337.5
Israel 80,3157.4
Sweden 89,8467.4
Norway 117,7987.4
Netherlands 136,1057.4
Luxembourg 259,8997.4
Austria 91,8337.2
New Zealand 171,6247.2
Australia 238,0727.2
Germany 65,3747.0
United States 79,2747.0
Ireland 99,0287.0
Canada 125,6887.0
Czech Republic 23,7946.9
United Kingdom 131,5226.9
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