Thomvest invests in Isovalent: transforming cloud networking, security and observability

Thomvest Ventures is excited and thankful to have led the Series B round for Isovalent, the company behind the open-source Cilium and eBPF projects. Isovalent is disrupting networking, security and observability for large-scale cloud native deployments — from 100s to quite literally millions of containers in the real world. Developers and platform teams love Cilium which is now seeing rapid adoption within the open-source community — over 450 contributors, over 12,900 Github stars and an active Slack community of over 12,500 engaged users

When we first spoke with Dan Wendlandt, we were immediately impressed with the vision of the company he is building. Having been a Product Manager for a distributed-transaction-tracing product, I knew how hard it is to instrument an application and then collect data without adding performance overhead. I was fascinated with the power of eBPF to securely collect metrics data from the linux kernel without making any application changes. After a follow-up technical deep dive with Thomas Graf we were blown away and felt lucky to have met the team.

Web applications today don’t just support the business, they are the business! If the application is down or slow, the revenue impact in the SaaS subscription world is immediate. Technology architectures have evolved to enable quick software deployment, fast bug fixes and rapid iterations for best end-user experience. Modern apps are built using microservices, are hosted on a multi/hybrid cloud and heavily utilize containers and Kubernetes orchestration platforms.

This simplicity in architectures can however cause management complexity at scale when it comes to (Read more...)