Some thoughts on the 2022 MacBook Air

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

A day before the likely launch of Apple’s new line-up of products — iPhone 14 models and new Apple Watch models — is not the best time to share my thoughts about a product launched at the previous Apple event. But then, I am not doing a paint-by-numbers review. Nor am I a reviewer in the classic reviewer mold. 

It has been a few months since Apple released the 2022 edition of the 13-inch MacBook Air –arguably the most popular laptop in the Mac line-up. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in the thin-and-skinny laptop. And the reviews came in thick and fast. I am sure you have read or watched many of the reviews. If not, I can certainly recommend a handful — John Gruber, Joanna Stern, Dave Lee, and The Verge. So, if you are wondering what else I can add to what has already been said, then you are right to assume that: not much. 

Except, I wanted to see how good (or bad) the new M2-powered MacBook Air would be for me as an “on-the-go” photographer. 


First, a little indulgence in nostalgia. 

I have always had a sweet spot for the MacBook, from the day Steve Jobs showed it off for the first time on stage. It was back in TK, and I was recovering from a tough medical condition. I remember telling one of my colleagues that I needed to get better because I wanted to buy and (Read more...)