Day: September 5, 2022

Visualizing 40 Different Animal Sleep Patterns

This post is by Carmen Ang from Visual Capitalist

Average sleep times for 40 different animals

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Visualizing 40 Different Animal Sleep Patterns

Every animal has to rest in some way, but some animals need a lot more sleep than others.

This graphic by Giulia De Amicis uses data from to show the typical sleeping patterns of 40 different animals, highlighting their average sleep times, and what percentage of each 24-hour day they spend resting.

Compared to the rest of the animals featured in the graphic, humans need a relatively small amount of sleep. We sleep for an average of eight hours—or 33% of our day.

AnimalAverage Sleep Time (hrs/day)Average Sleep Time (% of 24 hours)
Brown Bat19.982.9%
Giant Armadillo18.175.4%
Owl Monkey17.070.8%
Human (Infant)16.066.7%
Tree Shrew15.865.8%
Western Toad14.660.8%
Three-toed Sloth14.460.0%
Golden Hamster14.359.6%
Rhesus Monkey11.849.2%
Bottle-nose Dolphin10.443.3%
Star-nosed Mole10.342.9%
European Hedgehog10.142.2%
Squirrel Monkey9.941.3%
Guinea Pig9.439.2%
Human (Adult)8.033.3%
Guppy (Fish)7.029.1%
Gray Seal6.225.8%
Asiatic Elephant3.916.4%
African Elephant2.08.3%

In contrast, Koalas sleep up to 22 hours a day, or 87.5% of the day. This is mostly because of the Koala’s diet—Koalas eat Eucalyptus leaves, which are toxic and take a lot of energy to digest.

For more animal-related graphics, check out The Life Expectancy of Humans and 49 Other Animals

That’s Italian…

It is remarkable how chill the Italians can be – I was reminded of that yet again a few weeks ago when I was over there. Amidst continued and extraordinary political turmoil and a looming national election on September 25, life simply rolls along. The recent collapse of the Draghi government and bickering among the center and left political parties appear to have created the path for the coalition of right-wing parties led by the far-right Brothers of Italy to secure this upcoming snap election. It is feared that the €200 billion in reform commitments funded by the European Union may be reversed.

And this financial support will be desperately needed as economic conditions rapidly deteriorate. According to S&P Global’s flash composite purchasing manager index, business activity in the eurozone has reached the lowest levels in 18 months. Volatility in the Italian bond market has widened spreads against German bonds to 2.3%, the highest in months, and exacerbated by an unprecedented €39 billion short bet against Italian debt – all signaling a pending financial crisis and whispers of an “Italian Contagion.” The Milano Indice di Borsa (Italian stock market) reflects recent investor anxieties as well as the dramatic downdraft at the outset of Covid (more below).

The most recent International Monetary Fund forecast is calling for a 5% contraction to the four countries most directly impacted by the restriction of Russian gas, which includes Italy. Eni, the large Italian energy company, just announced that Gazprom has reduced natural gas deliveries (Read more...)

Some thoughts on the 2022 MacBook Air

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

A day before the likely launch of Apple’s new line-up of products — iPhone 14 models and new Apple Watch models — is not the best time to share my thoughts about a product launched at the previous Apple event. But then, I am not doing a paint-by-numbers review. Nor am I a reviewer in the classic reviewer mold. 

It has been a few months since Apple released the 2022 edition of the 13-inch MacBook Air –arguably the most popular laptop in the Mac line-up. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in the thin-and-skinny laptop. And the reviews came in thick and fast. I am sure you have read or watched many of the reviews. If not, I can certainly recommend a handful — John Gruber, Joanna Stern, Dave Lee, and The Verge. So, if you are wondering what else I can add to what has already been said, then you are right to assume that: not much. 

Except, I wanted to see how good (or bad) the new M2-powered MacBook Air would be for me as an “on-the-go” photographer. 


First, a little indulgence in nostalgia. 

I have always had a sweet spot for the MacBook, from the day Steve Jobs showed it off for the first time on stage. It was back in TK, and I was recovering from a tough medical condition. I remember telling one of my colleagues that I needed to get better because I wanted to buy and (Read more...)

Momentum Monday – The Macro Matters and It Is Awful… The Greatest Move By Time Cook…And How Zuckerberg Blew It

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

As a reminder, Marketsmith (by Investor’s Business Daily) is now a sponsor of the weekly show. All the charts you have been seeing in the videos and will continue to see are from Marketsmith. They are offering my readers a three week trial for $19.95. Click this link if you would like to try it out.

Happy holiday Monday.

I will keep it short and sweet.

The technicals are brutal and the macro backdrop is worse.

We were smacked down by the downward sloping 200-day moving average and while stocks obviously do bottom in a bear market when they are below the 200-day moving average, I doubt it is happening right now.

In this weeks Momentum Monday I walk through some charts with Ivanhoff that might help explain the problems (just 19 minutes).

The biggest problem in technology is Apple (unless 100 percent of your portfolio is Apple). Their relative strength is everyone else’s pain.

You can watch/listen the conversation with charts right here on Youtube. I have embedded it below on the blog:

Here are Ivanhoff’s thoughts:

The price action in most stocks has been notably bearish in the past few weeks. We saw quite a few green opens (gaps up) and red closes – the morning gains faded throughout the day and the indexes closed near their lows of the daily range. SPY and QQQ slashed through their 50dma very easily; then bounced back and found resistance right under their 50dma. In the meantime, correlations among (Read more...)

It’s Labor Day, so we’re taking time off and running an excerpt from a recent Monkey Cage post

Sociologists Jasmine Kerrissey and Judith Stepan-Norris, co-authors of “Union Booms and Busts: The Ongoing Struggle over the U.S. Labor Movement,” look at the state of unions America and, for the first time in a long time, find reason for optimism.

It was 1894, the Gilded Age — a time of extreme inequality, foul working conditions, worker unrest and violent strikes. Congress created Labor Day, a national holiday celebrating workers and labor union

Labor Day alone didn’t change much. But from the 1930s through 1950s, labor unions were on the rise. One in every three workers were unionized, ushering in a new middle class, safety procedures and a voice at work, before membership declined again for decades. Today, only 1 in 10 workers are organized, and one-third of the country’s workers earn less than $15 an hour. Research suggests that union decline has contributed significantly to the rise in inequality.

But this Labor Day, for the first time in almost 25 years, union elections — events in which workers vote on whether to form unions — have increased significantly. Workers file for elections with the National Labor Relations Board, which governs most private-sector employees. Union election filings with the NLRB increased by 58 percent in the first three quarters of fiscal year 2022 (October-June), compared with the same period in 2021. Already, recent tallies estimate that more than 1,250 elections were held from October to August, more than were held during all of 2021. And unions have won (Read more...)

349. The Secrets Behind Building a 35M+ Following, Why Social is the New SEO, and How Tripscout is Creating the Super App for Travel (Konrad Waliszewski)

Konrad Waliszewski of Tripscout joins Nick to discuss The Secrets Behind Building a 35M+ Following, Why Social is the New SEO, and How Tripscout is Creating the Super App for Travel. In this episode we cover:

  • Launching the 1st In-App Hotel Booking Platform for Instagram
  • Why Organic Attention is the Most Rare and Valuable Asset
  • How Tripscout Hacked Customer Acquisition
  • The Future of How We Search

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Getting the hull shape right

This post is by Seth Godin from Seth's Blog

It’s tempting to have your book copyedited and typeset before you have your editor read it.

And it feels right to spend time on the company’s website before you have your first customer…

But if you don’t have the foundational elements right, the fit and finish don’t matter at all.

This summer I designed and built a skin-on-frame canoe. I could have spent a lot more time on the details, the sanding and even putting on the gunwales. But it wouldn’t have mattered, because the boat’s design was so unstable and tippy, it was unusable.

All that remains of the boat is this picture and what I learned about hull design.

The first job is to figure out what “hull design” means for you and your project. What’s the hard part? What’s the part that has to be right for the rest to matter?

Then we get to focus on the rest.