Continuing Down The NFT Rabbithole – Media and Ticketing

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning from Toronto.

It’s a gorgeous day here so far which is nice.

I landed last night and met my buddies as always at House of Chan.  This morning it was Bagel World (the best bagel in world) and now I am off for a day of meetings.

Yesterday, flying out of San Diego I nabbed a few great pictures of the beautiful Coronado from the North and from the South…

I downloaded a few podcasts related to my personal favorite areas of NFT and Blockchain potential – media and ticketing.

The Neustreet team is doing a great job.

Two to start with that I really enjoyed…

Keith Grossman who is running Time and Reimagined the Brand.

Asher Weiss the founder of Tixologi (we are lead investors) on the future of ticketing.

Have a great day.