Sunday Reads and Listens – The End of Summer

Good morning everyone.

It is my last weekend of the summer here in Coronado and though I am excited about the fall and work my travels and adventures, I am trying to soak up all the Coronado greatness these last few days.

Ellen and I have found a few good series to watch…both on Apple TV. The first is ‘The Shrink Next Door’. It was fun watching Will and Paul do their work and a wild story. ‘Bad Sisters’ is excellent and just 3 episodes in so far, also on Apple TV.

My friend Michael Batnick has a post out titled ‘Who I Pay To Read‘ and so you should have a look.

I have done the same in the past with who I read, pay for and how to use Stocktwits and you can get all of that here.

I did a podcast with the Etoro team about surviving the bear market and it came out well. Hope you enjoy.

This long Josh Wolfe interview (venture capitalist) is excellent.

As for podcasts, Ellen swears by ‘How I Built This’ and she is telling me to listen to the ‘Babish Culinary’ episode so it is cued up for my travels.

Some founders have also recommended the ‘Noom’ founder episode. I have it downloaded.

Podcasts are only growing in relevance and importance and enjoyment and I know this because YouTube now has a podcast homepage.

Have a great Sunday.





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