Day: August 26, 2022

Thinking Through CC0 and IP for NFT Communities

Welcome to Web3 Water Cooler, a moderated Slack chat about a trending topic in crypto. This week’s participants are Orca Protocol’s Chase Chapman, Austin Hurwitz of Venice Music, and IP lawyer Nuzayra Haque-Shah. NFTs are a web3 innovation, but the intellectual property frameworks surrounding them have been borrowed from a web2 world. This leaves web3... Read More

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Marketing & Communications Associate – Canvas Ventures

Founded in 2013, Canvas Ventures is a boutique venture capital firm based in the San Francisco
Bay Area with $835 million in assets under management. Canvas leads Series A investments in
key areas including Fintech, Digital Health, Marketplaces, and Logistics. We follow a
thesis-driven approach to investing, scouting and securing fields ripe for disruption. Our general
partners, Rebecca Lynn, Paul Hsiao, Gary Little, and Mike Ghaffary, have a collective 45+ years of
operating experience, and they are known for investments made prior to joining Canvas,
including Lending Club (LC), Luminar (LAZR), Doximity (DOCS), MuleSoft (MULE), Check
(acquired by Intuit), Upwork (UPWK), and Houzz. Learn more about Canvas at
Position Summary:
Canvas is seeking a Marketing & Community Associate to help build and operate the firm’s
marketing and communications initiatives. Canvas marketing and communications efforts are
in service of articulating the Canvas brand differentiation in the venture ecosystem, deepening
engagement with our entrepreneurs and LP community, and supporting our early-stage
companies in the go-to-market efforts that are critical to helping them reach the next stage of
growth. The Marketing & Communications Associate will gain valuable exposure to the venture
capital ecosystem and have an immediate impact on both firm and portfolio initiatives. The
person in this role should have best-in-class written and oral communication, exceptional
project management skills, a proactive orientation as a builder/maker/idea-generator, and a
positive mindset. This role is full-time and based in the Bay Area.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Maintain Canvas Website (on Webflow), including adding new companies as (Read more...)

Social Leverage Portfolio Company Sequel Raises $8M Series A

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Social Leverage portfolio company Sequel (Fund III) just raised an $8M Series A round in what’s been a particularly difficult year for fundraising.

Sequel’s low-code and no-code options allow companies to host virtual events on their own websites without having to outsource to other platforms; companies retain customers on their own platforms, which maximizes engagement. In addition, Sequel offers solutions for companies to hold short-term, recurring virtual events that can increase community engagement.

The Series A round was led by Javelin Venture Partners with additional backing from Struck Capital, Social Leverage, and Alumni Ventures. Last year, Sequel raised $2.7M bringing total funding to $10.7M. The new funds will let Sequel expand geographically and focus on customer success. You can read more on Business Insider.

The essential Columbo

Something lighter for the weekend.

One of the consequences of the rise of streaming that everyone should have seen coming (but almost no one did) was the rediscovery of classic shows. The pandemic accelerated the process, possibly because people sought out the familiar. 

One of the shows that has been finding a new audience is Columbo. Joe Dator of the New Yorker had a ten panel appreciation of the show and the phenomenon back in 2020.


The show was part of a wheel series where various shows shared the same time slot. As a result, there are very few episodes for such long running show -- less than fifty if you don't count the reboot -- we made it easier to keep the quality high and to line up A list talent for the guest murderer slot.

These things make Columbo relatively easy for new viewers to get into, but as with any TV show, there are high points and low points. Here, more or less in order, are the episodes I'd recommend starting with.

These are all available on Amazon's ad supported service, Freevee.

1. "Murder by the Book" The first episode of the series after the first two TV-movies. Set the mold (and the standard). A career making show for Stevens Spielberg and Bochco. All this and Jack Cassidy too.

2. "A Friend in Deed" Directed by Falk buddy Ben Gazzara   Richard Kiley is smug and despicable. Twisty, inventive murder. One of the best endings. Perhaps (Read more...)

“A good study”

This post is by Seth Godin from Seth's Blog

The gatekeepers keep disappearing.

When it cost $500,000 to produce a record album, you could assume that it was going to reach some people and not be completely amateurish. Today, many songs in the iTunes store have had exactly one listen.

When it cost $5,000,000 to make a video or a film, there was a lot of pressure to improve watchability and get an audience. Today, YouTube is filled with videos with no views at all.

And books from major publishing houses used to be assured of at least 20,000 copies in print and perhaps would find some loyal readers. Today, when anyone can write and publish an ebook, there are many that have fewer than ten sales.

While this open marketplace of creativity led to some broken hearts among creators, it also opened the doors for new ideas, new voices and a path to making it as a creative person.

Which brings us to scientific studies.

To get tenure, to spread an important idea, to gain status with colleagues, a scientific paper needed to be published in one of the dozens of journals that existed for this purpose. While there were some studies that were sloppy or even fraudulent, most peer-reviewed journal articles were probably worth taking seriously, with further inquiry appropriate when something important was at stake.

Today, 87.4% of the self-published and popular science articles available contain stats that are made up and methods that can’t hold up to scrutiny. They know that few people will bother (Read more...)