Park City Life is Very Nice And The World’s Steepest Bike Ride

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I am with Gary and Tom and Don is Park City this week catching up in person as a team for the first time in a couple months and it has been fun.  Gary and Tom have family homes here. Our newest partner Matt is moving in to his new home in San Diego this week (moved cross country from New York) so he could not make the trip.

Summer in Park City is really nice.  So much open space, great temperature and clean air.

Yesterday, Tom organized an afternoon of riding down trails on Deer Valley mountain.  Very different to road biking.  I might be too old for this but really enjoyed the trails and downhill speed.  I took all the padding and gear that they offered which was smart because I had one good spill.

Our friend Brent took us out on his boat on Jordanelle Reservoir which was a great way to end the day. I grew up with lake life on Muskoka and will be up there for a few days next month.

I left my phone in the car all day as well which made for a more relaxing day.

Today a round of golf with friends at Victory Ranch.

PS – Jono sent me this video of  ‘The Wold’s Steepest Ride‘ which I really enjoyed.  It is only 10 minutes.  If you are a cyclist you will appreciate the crazy difficulty and the amazing bike Pinarello built to withstand the pressure.