Old Friends

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Last night Ellen and I were out with our oldest couple friends Jon and Cara Palmieri (at least 26 years).

We had a great time at Swagyu in Imperial Beach and were treated really nice by the small team that runs the restaurant/butcher.

Cara and Jon moved to Coronado from Phoenix a few years ahead of us. Cara builds homes, the best homes, and Jon is a real estate agent here on the island and entrepreneur. They have two grown twin boys. I wrote a YouTube show for them when I moved here back in 2009 called ‘Twinvesting’ which if they had made more than my street pilot would have millions of subscribers and they would be Bitcoin and Apple millionaires.

Ellen and I moved to Coronado in 2009 and rented a home (we bought our home a year later). I remember pulling up and seeing a sign across the front porch that said ‘Welcome to Coronado’ that Cara, Jon and the kids had made for us. It was such an awesome way to make us feel at home.

Cara was being sentimental last night (first time ever) and said ‘You better put me in your blog’ …so here you are Cara!

Old friends are the best friends.