Definitely not a cult (except for the child sacrifice part) UPDATED

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I was just going to throw this in with the rest in a Tuesday Tweets post, but I decided it needed a post of its own.


Rob Stumpf writing for the Drive.

Video of the test was released earlier this week and shows a Tesla Model 3 repeatedly striking a small, stationary dummy directly in front of the car while supposedly operating on Tesla’s controversially named Full Self-Driving Beta software. However, clips from the video led some online publications to instead call the test a “smear campaign” under the notion that FSD was not actually engaged, and after further evidence emerged that FSD was engaged during the test, Tesla fans and FSD users began filming their own experiments to see what happened—with mixed results. One noted Tesla devotee even staged a public call for people to volunteer their own children to stand in front of his Tesla and prove it’ll stop in time.

So will a self-driving Tesla run over a child? Amid the noise, the answer seems to be a resounding “maybe,” which is just as bad as “yes” in this case. Here’s where things stand.

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