AirTags: what are they good for?

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

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I recently read a story about an airline worker being arrested for stealing thousands of dollars worth of goods from luggage at the airport. He got nabbed, thanks to Apple’s low-key tracker devices, AirTags. The very same AirTags have been the subject of stories (and inquiries) into “stalking” cases and other similar heinous maleficence. Of course, we have all found lost items and tracked our luggage across the planet to finally show up at our homes. 

Henry Harteveldt, an online and travel industry analyst at Atmosphere Research, said he would use an AirTag if he had no choice other than to check a suitcase. “The end result is knowledge, and knowledge can increase peace of mind,” he says, adding: “2022 is not a year where you want to take chances with your checked bags no matter where you are traveling.” 

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AirTags, like every other recently introduced technology, only reinforces that no matter what, people with bad intentions will find ways to manipulate technology to their ends. This battle to prevent them from winning depends on the creators of those technologies and, to some extent, on all of us. 

Not everyone is up with the idea of being part of the solution. “AirTags put the responsibility of keeping track of checked bags back on the customer; yet another obligation, along with online check-in 24 hours before a flight, that comes with the modern hellscape that is air travel,” writes Brad Stone, editor of (Read more...)