Podcasting With The Enemy – I Sit Down With Jason Calacanis To Talk Public and Private Market Investing

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning.

I have softened in my old years. Back in the early days of Web 2, I took a disliking to Jason on the world wide web.

Now that I am consumed with my moobs, my hairline and my prostate, I dont have as much time to bicker with people on the internet.

Jason is one of the best marketers I know and he loves investing as much as I do. He was a very early (1990’s) pioneer in web media as well. For those reasons alone it is always worth talking and brainstorming with him.

He asked me on his podcast and away we went.

Of course there was a jab or two, but only because he teed them up:

Here is the link to the full interview.

Have a great Friday.