The CPI – A Follow Up …F*#K Inflation!?

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I made the mistake of taking Rachel shopping at the mall the other day offering to buy a few business outfits for the fall season in New York. It is the high end UTC mall in La Jolla, a very nice outdoor piece of mall property. She took me into a Zara store and my mind was blown.

It looked like a 500 car pileup of women (after the cars had been removed). Woman were walking around in a daze, yelling and throwing items of clothing in every direction as if they were looking for their purse or wallet. It was like a rugby match meets a stock market chat room. There were no dressing rooms in operation. I took cover on the floor next to a main floor beam and threw a credit card at Rachel and wished her the best. I never knew…now I know.


Last month, on July 13th to be exact, I wrote about the CPI for the very first time in 16 years of writing the blog. It was a goal never to write about it and here I am now doing a follow up.

That is because today CPI printed 8.5% (overall index) vs. 9.1% last month, Core (excluding food/energy) was 5.9% (same as last month).

Last month I wrote:

While everyone argues about why and who to blame, the real question is when will I be able to stop writing about the damn CPI?

I wish I knew.

I think there (Read more...)