Sunday Reads and Listens…Netflix and Chips?

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning. I am off to ride Palomar mountain after I post this.

I have a busy three weeks of training to get ready for my September on the road.

As always, each Sunday I share some reads and listens.

First up is Netflix and the advertising business. I think Netflix will thrive with ads and new formats of content, but as we have seen through Netflix’s history, it will be bumpy. Long-term it has been smart to invest with Reed Hastings.

Next up…Is it time to get greedy in energy? I have not touched energy stocks, but I worry this pullback in oil prices and the stocks is just a pause that refreshes them. I would love to be wrong.

My biggest complaint about crypto is that I don’t trust or enjoy the web 2 messaging platforms used to discuss and engage with it. Tom explains why ‘Messaging is the Web 3 Bottleneck‘. The gist:

Every new software era has its messaging protocol. IRC in the 1980s. Instant messenger in the 1990s. SMS in the 2000s. WhatsApp, Telegram in the 2010s. There will be a new messaging protocol native to the web3 era.

When web3 messaging arrives, consumers will send billions of private messages to each other. Users inviting others will welcome the next hundred million users to web3. Applications won’t trail far behind sending product, marketing, & support messages.

Messaging protocols are oxygen for startups & consumers alike. It’s time web3 had its (Read more...)