Why Web 3 Is For Me…And The End Of Social Media?

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Ellen and I are headed to Montana for a few days to spend some time with Max.

I continue down the web 3 rabbit hole learning as much as I can trying products and finding people to follow. More and more of the product and platform builders I respected in web 2 (Reid Hoffman, Kevin Rose) are building cool things in web 3.

As web 3 comes more into focus, a huge portion of web 2 – social media – is under assault by an algorithmic world led by Tik Tok (YouTube not so bad at itself).

Michael Mignano has a great post titled ‘The End Of Social Media‘, that is worth a FULL READ. I like Michael’s framing of ‘recommendation media’:

In recommendation media, content is not distributed to networks of connected people as the primary means of distribution. Instead, the main mechanism for the distribution of content is through opaque, platform-defined algorithms that favor maximum attention and engagement from consumers. The exact type of attention these recommendations seek is always defined by the platform and often tailored specifically to the user who is consuming content. For example, if the platform determines that someone loves movies, that person will likely see a lot of movie related content because that’s what captures that person’s attention best. This means platforms can also decide what consumers won’t see, such as problematic or polarizing content.

One web 3 newsletter I really enjoy is ‘Milk Road‘. They just interviewed Reid (Read more...)