You’re Not Taking Recruiting Seriously

Recruiting is hard.

Good candidates are hard to find.

What tells you this? Well, you can see it. Out of all the candidates that applied to your job post, very few are what you’re looking for and those that are seem to be falling down in the interview.

I hear it all the time—and when I hear it, I hear a red flag. Did you hear it?

“Applying to our job post.”

I mean, sure you need to put up some job posts so that those who are looking know that you’re hiring—and you need to write up the job anyway to get your team on the same page about what it is that you’re even looking for, but this isn’t how your next hire is going to come in.

You don’t just put up a few job posts and hope employee number four or six or eight walks through the door.

In the words of Billy Madison, “If your dog is lost, you don't look for an hour then call it quits. You get your ass out there, and you find that fucking dog!”

There is absolutely no substitute for a consistent outbound effort by your own team—not a recruiter. You can hire recruiters—that’s fine. You just also need to be actively seeking out the very best candidate by including those that aren’t searching.

When I started a company fifteen years ago, I put up job posts everywhere I could, but the volume of interviewable candidates just wasn’t there. (Read more...)