Sunday Reads and Listens –

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Happy Sunday.

Last night I watched the HBO Arther Ashe documentary ‘Citizen Ashe‘ and really enjoyed it. I got into tennis at the age of 10 the year Arthur won Wimbledon. He packed a lot of smiles and warmth and goodness into a short life.

Switching gears…young people will enjoy this piece titled ‘The Case For Travelling More

Nike has always been able to live in the fashion and culture future and today is no different. Their acquisition of Rftkt is no different and this piece is excellent on the subject.

My friend Om Malik a frequent podcast guest of mine wrote about the future of tech as he sees it. If you want to listen to his latest podcast with me a few weeks back…here you go.

Alex Danco, who runs Money and NFT’s at Shopify discusses how NFT’s are transforming Shopify and Commerce.

Finally today, while there are almost no IPO’s in 2022, Venture Capital fundraising is set to surpass the 2021 record. I have mixed feelings about this because it seems to me there has been so much misallocation of capital already since COVID began.

Have a great Sunday.