A (personal) midsummer update

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

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This is my occasional newsletter published on July 31, 2022.

Hello everyone,

Since it has been a minute, I thought it would be good to send you a quick update. 

You have not heard from me because I didn’t have much to say. When I was not working, I spent my time visiting family, reading books, and occasionally watching an occasional television show. I recommend Chelsea Detective on Acorn TV. 

I have been reading about everything these days. Whether NFTs, Metaverse, Dall-E, or new kinds of chips, I have started to dig into new areas of interest. As is usually the case, I need to start to see patterns before I start connecting the dots. And that’s when I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts for public consumption. 

I shared some of what I have been thinking about with investor and friend Howard Lindzon on his Panic with friends podcast. I later summed up my piece, The Future of tech as I see it. Here are key takeaways

• The new chips and direction shown by Apple Silicon are very exciting and portend a new kind of computing environment. The chip-centric approach allows you to think beyond the limiting labels of virtual or augmented realities.

• In a world driven by fake news, deep fakes, and algorithmic disambiguation of reality, never before have authentication and authorization more needed. 

• We are not living in an America-first (Read more...)