Reduce Your Money Anxiety With The Stackin App

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning everyone.

Our portfolio company Stackin has released a new app focused on helping people reduce their anxiety around money.

I know this is a big problem as my friend Morgan Housel wrote a massive financial best seller titled ‘The Psychology Of Money‘.

Tom, the CEO of Stackin, wrote this piece below introducing the app and benefits. If not for you, please share with all your genz and millennial friends.


I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of Stackin’s financial wellness app for iOS and Android.

Stackin’ is tackling what I believe is one of the most vexatious challenges we face in our modern world — our relationship with money.

As with any relationship it requires work. And this one is a hot mess of societal expectations, social media FOMO, banal advice and all shaken up with that classic dichotomy between the person we wish we were with who we actually are.

The driving force behind this service issue is anxiety around money. On almost every metric it’s off the charts. More than twice as many Americans suffer from money anxiety than obesity. The stress caused by money anxiety wrecks relationships, careers and our health. Financial related stress is linked to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, migraines, sleep problems, depression and more.

When we first started digging into this problem we carried the same assumptions I think of lot people do: Lack of money causes money anxiety and so the simple solution is just (Read more...)