Personal Bests – Not Just About Work

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I will turn 57 this September.

I don’t get to look forward to things to much these days other than waking up with fresh aches and pains and a doctor saying you will ‘feel a little pressure’.

But, I am treating myself to a fun month of work and play in Europe and Israel this September. First I will be heading to Como, Italy for eight days of riding with my pals. It’s the same group I have been going with for a couple years now. The itinerary of climbing is bananas.

At the end of September I will be heading to Ireland for eight days of golf with buddies.

The golf will be harder than the riding – at least for my body and brain.

I want to enjoy the month, not just survive so I am trying to get in my ‘personal best’ shape for the trip.

I have been logging the miles on the bike and working with a strength trainer (my first time ever) to make sure I can not just survive, but enjoy.

The jury is still out.

I have a continuing tweak in my left shoulder and wrist from years of wear and tear I imagine that has been amplified by all the training.

Yesterday, my pal Mike Dean and I did an epic California climb at Palomar mountain in San Diego. It is a 12 miles climb with 4,000 feet of vertical (the average grade is 7 percent). Mike did beat me by (Read more...)