Team Profile: Megan Baker, IT and Security Lead

This post is by Georgian Team from Georgian

What are you responsible for at Georgian?

As the IT and Security Lead, I’m focused on three main areas. The first is building relationships with the chief information security officers (CISOs) across our portfolio and identifying opportunities where we can help them. In some cases that involves coaching and advising, while in others it means partnering together on deeper engagements. 

I’m also responsible for internal security at Georgian, including for products like Georgian Grow, our product that uses a customer’s (portfolio companies) historical data to predict which contacts are most likely to convert so that their sales teams can spend time where it matters most. Beyond that, I also evaluate any cybersecurity companies in our investment pipeline and make recommendations to our investment team based on my findings.

What were you doing prior to joining Georgian?

I spent the last five years in a variety of IT and information security roles at PrecisionLender, a Georgian Fund III company, and subsequently at Q2 after it was acquired. Prior to that I spent a decade at First Citizens Bank, the largest family-owned bank in the United States, where I was instrumental in building out its enterprise risk management program. Having worked for PrecisionLender, I knew Georgian. So when the opportunity presented itself in February, I was excited to join the team. 

Why is cybersecurity a priority for Georgian?

Trust is one of our investment thesis areas, which means that things like privacy and security aren’t just top of mind, but (Read more...)